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Travel. Play. Engage. Enjoy.

Trips Will Never Be The Same

Billboards provides a fast paced interactive game for the whole family to play. Travel time will seem to disappear as kids an d adults alike engage in the most intense word find game ever.

So You Like Word Games

How about the craziest crossword, interlinking word, and bingo games anywhere. Find a word, count the points, complete the game board and WIN! Fill the car with laughter and family fun!

How Does It Work

Billboards Uses Words From Signs To Complete Game Boards

Billboards is simple and intense:

  • Chose one of the travel games you wish to play
  • Start searching for words on Billboards, road signs, trucks, etc.
  • Enter the word found on the board
  • Total points for the letters to get a Word Score
  • Complete the board
  • Total Word Scores to get Game Score
  • Player with highest Score WINS!


Available Travel Games

Players attempt to locate words containing letters which provide the highest points. Then total these points to get a total Word Score. All Word Scores are totaled together to get a Score. The Player with the highest game score wins.

Players locate words as individuals or a group to complete the crossword. This is a solitary or cooperative game, so no winners are named.

Dynamic Crossword
Players locate words to enter onto the travel game board in an interlocking fashion within a predetermined amount of time or Game Score. Player with the highest Score wins.

Destination Crossword
Players locate words to enter on the travel game board with first word starting at the Start point. Each additional word added will interlock with the previous word until a path is made to the End point. Player with the most points wins the game.

Players locate signs which advertise the type of service showing in the squares on the travel game board. Each square is marked out as signs are found. First Player to mark squares out in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line across the board wins.

What Do I Get In My Game Set

Pieces Don't Make The Game, But They Make The Game Playable


Billboard Game Set

Billboards Travel Set

Billboard Travel Sets include the following items.

  • 1 – Bag for easy travel
  • 1 – Timer / Stopwatch to keep you going ( 99 minute maximum)
  • 3 – Dry erase markers with personal erasers
  • 1 – Large Eraser to clean up the big messes
  • 1 – Rule Book to keep you on the straight and narrow
  • 7 – Game Boards
    • 1 – Dynamic Crossword
    • 3 – Basic Crosswords
    • 3 – Alphabet Game
    • 3 – Bingo
    • 3 – Destination Crossword
    • 1 – Open Draw / Pencil Game

The Billboards Sets can be expanded to increase the number of players.  The Billboard Game Boards are easy to clean for reuse.


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About Us

The idea for Billboards came during a trip with our kids between Texas and Arkansas. They were playing the Alphabet game where the players have to find a word for each letter of the alphabet. The game is fun, but if you get stuck on one letter it’s hard to catch up and it doesn't take into account the complexity of the words each player finds. This led us to assign points to each letter and then add those to a total game score. We tried this out on a different trip; my wife and kids had a blast playing the game (unfortunately I was driving). Now, we want to share our happiness with you.

We thank YHVH (God) for this game and the opportunity to share it, and we ask Him to keep you and bless you.

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